How’s your relationship doing?  Between the children, both of your jobs, the economy, money stresses, the in-laws and the bosses there is a lot on the “to do” list.  How can we make our marriage a priority and be that couple with the best marriage? Here are the best marriage tips to follow to keep things hot.

Tip #1-Never Stop having a Physical Relationship.

If you don’t read beyond this tip, understand how important this is.  Men and women get different things out of having a sexual relationship with their partners.  Men report feeling more connected with their spouses when they are sexual with regular frequency.  Women report feeling more emotionally connected with their spouses when they are maintaining a regular sexual relationship.  It is very important not to let the frequency of sex fall off of the map since research shows that after about 2 weeks of not having sexual contact you are getting into the awkward zone and should discuss a plan on when and how to be sexual in your relationship again and any feelings that are a barrier to this happening.  If you have serious problems in this area go to marriage counseling or seek out a couple and sex therapist. provides wonderful and local referrals.

Tip #2- Have a Weekly Couples “Business Meeting”

It is important for couples who are running a household together to be organized and on point.  Having a weekly meeting is a chance to discuss roles, expectations and job duties so that everyone is clear, efficient and organized.  In modern marriage, everyone certainly has a lot on their plates.  By having this type of weekly meeting it will ensure that expectations are explained, schedules are synced and our lives can be more streamlined which will contribute to less arguing and an increased sense of teamwork.

Tip #3-Be the Spouse You Want to Have

So you want your partner to be a great spouse, really how are you doing at that?  You need to be the spouse you want to have by being nice, supportive, affirming and affectionate.  Couples who make it a priority to be friends and turn towards each other have a better shot at a successful relationship than those who think it may magically fall into place.  A Happy and stable Marriage is not a myth, it is an active process that you must participate in every day.  The way marriages change is by each individual paying attention to changing themselves and their own behavior.  You can begin to foster change today by changing yourself.

Tip #4- Engage in Simple Rituals Together

Have dinner together every night, watch a television show together, put the kids down as a team.  Engage in couples and family rituals that contribute to being good friends.  Fifty years ago when there were no Blackberry’s, TiVo or cell phones spouses used to talk, play games with each other and prioritize being together because life was less complex with fewer options to turn away from one another.  Resist the urge to check your e-mail during couples time, shut down the cell phone and hang out with your partner for a change.  You might even remember that you like them.


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