Articles on Saving Your Sex Life

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Articles on Saving Your Sex Life

03: Sex Over Your Lifetime

Licensed Sex Therapist, Lisa Thomas, Licensed Family Social Worker, Jen Siegal, and Show Host, Ben Robbins, discuss the changing role sex plays in our lives as we age. Starting with puberty and children’s first exposure to sex education, and progressing through early attitudes and knowledge of sexuality to physical and emotional changes that occur as Read more »

08: Sexual Desire Discrepency

Sex Therapist, Lisa Thomas, Social Worker, Jen Siegal, and Show Host, Ben Robbins, have a candid discussion of Sexual Desire Discrepancy. Join this conversation about Erectile Dysfunction, Low Libido, Addyi, Flibanserin, Desire Disparity, Loss of Desire and Sexual Impotence. Can mature relationships reclaim that spark and excitement that exists early on? What can be done Read more »

14: Save Your Sexless Relationship

Are you not getting enough sex from your spouse and worried your marriage is doomed? Are you no longer interested in sex and worried your partner might stray? Maintaining a healthy marriage is no small feat – especially in an age where an affair is just a few clicks away, on your phone. THERE IS Read more »

51: Greatest Hits, The First 50 Episodes

Fifty Episodes! Can you believe we’ve been recording dick jokes for over 50 (published) hours? That’s not totally true. We’ve done a lot more than joke about sex. We like to discuss the things people are afraid to ask about, like love and relationships and sex and dating and family dynamics…so that you can learn Read more »

19: Premature Ejaculation

Are you a premature ejaculator? Do you know a premature ejaculator? Do you even know what that means?! Good news: It’s normal – if not common – and there’s a number of solutions to the problem. Join us for a candid, non-judgmental conversation about premature ejaculation and it’s kissing cousin: delayed ejaculation. Click here to Read more »