Articles on Saving Your Sex Life

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Articles on Saving Your Sex Life

Breakdown of Trust; A Resource Guide For Couples

Trust is a fundamental building block in a relationship; however it is important to have trust in one’s self. It is also interesting to know that individuals who do not trust themselves often project this lack of trust upon others. By building basic level of trust within one’s self, one can begin to experience more Read more »

Jumpstart My Libido

How does one jumpstart their libido?  Often times when there has been a divorce, the couple had not been sexual in some time.  The divorce didn’t just signify the end of the marriage; it also meant the end of having a physical relationship with another, for a time. When folks get out of the routine Read more »

Why and How Mariage Counseling Works

Feel like your relationship could be better?  Stuck in the same circle of problems that you can’t seem to get out of?  Thought about marriage counseling but weary about the results?  How does marriage counseling work and how can it help us? The reason marriage counseling is successful for most couples is it provides a Read more »