Articles on Saving Your Sex Life

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Articles on Saving Your Sex Life

041: Flaccid Swap, Puberty, Sex Roulettes, and the Blowy

What embarrassing misconception did you have about sex as a kid? Why do men have nipples? Do you need variety in your arousal template? Do you really know the difference between a soft swap and a hard swap? Sex roulette: is this a thing? How effective is HIV prevention medicine? What do you risk, besides Read more »

040: Sexcapades on Film, Cameras in Vaginas, Polyamorous Thesp

Meet sex adventurer and media creative, Stephanie Sellars who is drawing on her own sexcapades for inspiration on her web series and upcoming feature film: Lust Life. The world is ready for a major motion picture about polyamory and group sex, wouldn’t you agree? Learn about Stephanie’s experience losing her sex party v-card and introducing Read more »

039: My Husband Won’t Fuck Me

Cunty? Bitchy? Resentful? Why won’t my husband won’t fuck me? Dr. Dawn Michael discusses her new book, ‘My Husband Won’t have Sex With Me’ and the reason women are finding themselves in this hard (or not) predicament. Family Affairs talks Love vs Sex, when has your relationship expired, how to see the red flags, masturbating Read more »

038: Pillow fights, Fake Orgasms, Angry Sex, and Kama Sutra

True or False: Marilyn Monroe was bad at sex? Women are less interested in sex than men? Can loss of libido in a relationship be cured? Is everyone capable of having an orgasm? Go for the lighter when a rat’s stuck up your ass? For these answers and more, listen to this week’s Family Affairs Read more »

037: Gay Dad Before There Were Gay Dads, Plus a Secret Voyeur Motel

What does a Disney princess have to do with a Divorcee coming out of the Closet? More than you think! Listen as the ladies of Family Affairs interview author, Jim Joseph, about his latest book, “Out And About Dad,” the story of his journey from marriage to divorce, to the realization that he is a Read more »