Articles on Saving Your Sex Life

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Articles on Saving Your Sex Life

036: Plastic Surgery, Vaginal Rejuvenation & Breast Enhancement

The Family Affairs crew talks with Plastic Surgeon Dr. Lisa Hunsicker about leaky faucets, marijuana and man boobs, skin tags, breast cancer and Mastectomy, Breast reconstruction, nipples, labia, liposuction, Botox, fillers, age discrimination, sandpaper condoms, prolapse, bladder suspension, incontinence, pelvic floor restoration, vaginal rejuvenation and the Mona Lisa laser, eye lids, nips, tucks, face and Read more »

035: Fisting, Divorce & Morning Wood

What do Fisting, Divorce, and Morning Wood have in common? Maybe nothing. Listen to this candid conversation with licensed sex therapist, Lisa Thomas, licensed family social worker, Jen Siegal, and show host, Ben Robbins to hear more about these taboo topics. Click here to subscribe on iTunes

034: Sex News: Bris Herpes, Porn Addiction & Too Much Jerking Off

Sex in the news: Did you know there’s a thing called “Oral Suction Circumcision” where the rabbi cleanses the bleeding penis with his mouth? If that’s not disturbing enough, how would you feel if your newborn got a permanent case of genital herpes from the whole ordeal? This is all true, and it’s just a Read more »

033: Sex Swings, Sex Chairs, Sex Pillows, Sex, Sex, SEX!!!

Have you ever thought a sex swing looks like fun, but you wouldn’t want to have to explain it to the baby sitter, or you mom? Have you ever read sex advice that suggested you get someone’s hips up on a pillow for better access and deeper penetration, and thought, “My pillows might not be Read more »

032: Sex Therapy with a Happy Ending

Sorry, folks. Your sex therapist isn’t going to have sex with you…at least not typically. But what if there was someone in between a sex therapist and an escort, who was willing to sleep with you, but in the interest of modeling good relationship behaviors and promoting personal growth? Well, today’s your lucky day, because Read more »