I’m Lisa Thomas, lovely to meet you! I am fulfilling my dream of helping people be in better relationships.

As a master therapist specializing in couples therapy for over 20 years now, I have seen firsthand the struggles and pain caused by having unsatisfying and unfulfilling emotional and intimate relationships.

My personal belief after doing this work for 2 decades is that a great physical bond can add so much to the relationship and your personal self-confidence while not having it can lead to disappointment, fighting, confusion, avoidance and anxiety.

I have a process that I have been using for 20 years now that takes the guessing out of building or rebuilding a great intimate relationship from the ground up.

This process step-by-step walks individuals and couples through learning how to connect with your body and with each other so that you will feel confident, your bond will be secure, and your sexual relationship will be revitalized.

My therapeutic style is solution oriented and very structured.  You will always have assignments to complete between sessions to maximize our working time together. All of my sessions last a full 60-minute hour and sessions can be done in-person, remotely or for a longer time block of time if we book that together.

I am very proud to have worked with all kinds of people over the course of my career including straight, gay, trans, people of color, people with disabilities and medical issues, people of many different religions and beliefs, people on the spectrum and all kinds of relationship structures including monogamy, open and poly relationships.  I have also worked with individuals and couples who have kids with severe special needs.

My style is warm and supportive, I welcome hearing about your unique situation.

I am an expert at resolving sexual dysfunction including erectile issues, desire issues, orgasmic issues, pain issues, overcoming abuse, understand fetish behavior, conquering out of control sexual behavior, medical issues and how they impact satisfying sex and sexuality and the aging process.

I also am an expert on infidelity and helping individuals and couples make decisions on what steps to take after a discovery.

When selecting a new therapist, experience matters, and I look forward to helping provide experience & solutions that best suit you and your situation.

Welcome to my OnlineCouch.