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Greatest Hits, The First 50 Episodes

Family Affairs Podcast Greatest Hits!! Can you believe we’ve been recording dick jokes for over 50 (published) hours? That’s not totally true. We’ve done a lot more than joke about sex. We like to discuss the things people are afraid to ask about, like love and relationships and sex and dating and family dynamics…so that you can learn and grow and get horny without having conspicuous pornography on your phone šŸ™‚ In our first 50 episodes we discuss marriage and divorce and sex and adult babies and swingers and bdsm, and sex addiction and orgasms and sex toys and penis and vagina and dick and pussy and fucking and making love. We bring a unique set of perspectives to the conversation, with the clinical views of a licensed sex therapist, a social worker turned homemaker, and a middle aged divorced guy who’s not afraid to talk about his unreliable erections. Seriously, though, this show is good. It’s funny and informative and hot and serious and everything you need to take your mind of the impending downfall of human civilization. Listen. You’ll love it!


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