Sex Swings, Sex Chairs, and Sex Pillows. What are your opinions and have you ever tried any of them? Have you ever thought a sex swing looks like fun, but you wouldn’t want to have to explain it to the baby sitter, or you mom? Have you ever read sex advice that suggested you get someone’s hips up on a pillow for better access and deeper penetration, and thought, “My pillows might not be firm enough” or “I’m not sure I want my pillow in the line of fire when it comes to sex.”

What about just having a discrete place for handcuffs or restraints, a drawer for dildos and lube, or even an office chair that was a little more comfortable for some afternoon delight?

The truth is, just about every place you want to have sex, could be a lot more comfortable if it were actually designed for sex. So we’re going to talk to some people who are in the business of making sex furniture and foam body supports with sex in mind at all times. Join us for conversations with Kevin Jensen of Revel Furniture and Angela from Liberator Bedroom Gear (if nothing else, to get the promo-code, people) and learn all about these thoughtful devices to make sex more fun and comfortable for your aging bones! http:// family30

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